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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we go about booking Nexus?

Contact Kayla Hayes via our online form or email We simply ask for a 30% non-refundable deposit and signed contract to reserve your time and date.

What do you require at the event?

1. Three armless chairs for the trio, four armless chairs for the quartet, or two armless chairs for the duo

2. If the event is outdoors: at least a 10x10' covered space in the shade to protect our instruments from the elements

3. If the event is indoors: at least an 8x8' space

4. Parking compensation for up to four cars at the event venue

5. Vendor meals for the musicians for bookings over 2 hours

Are setup and travel included in the contracted time?

The contracted time starts when Nexus begins performance and does not need to include travel, setup or teardown. It does, however, include any downtime during the event such as speeches, breaks, movement between locations, etc.


We will arrive approximately 30 minutes before the start time on the contract (arrival times may vary slightly per event). You will only be charged for the amount of time on the contract and any overtime incurred at the event.

What is your cancellation policy?

The 30% deposit will not be refunded in the event of a cancellation. In addition, cancellations made 0-90 days before the event require payment of 100% of the remaining balance. Cancellations made 91-179 days before the event require payment of 50% of the remaining balance.

How many musicians will be present at my event?

While our main wedding & event ensemble is a string quartet consisting of two violins, viola, and cello, we can also provide duo and trio options. Unless otherwise noted, all initial quotes will be for the string quartet, so please let us know if you have a different ensemble in mind. Once you book with Nexus, the ensemble type will be clearly noted at the top of your contract.

Can I select the musicians for my event?

Nexus will provide musicians for your event based on their availability. All of our players have been classically trained at universities, have at least 15 years of performance experience, and have detailed knowledge of weddings and events. Your day-of lead will be well-informed on the logistics for the event and will touch base with your planner or event coordinator to ensure the day runs smoothly.

Will you play with other musicians?

If you will be supplying another musician, there will be an extra charge (determined on a case-by-case basis) to compensate for music arrangements as well as rehearsal and collaboration time. We will schedule a rehearsal with the other musician(s) at the venue on the day of the event. If you would like us to rehearse on a separate day, hourly rates and travel may apply. 

Can you play outdoors?

Weather permitting, we can play outdoors. However, our instruments can only take a certain temperature, so there must be no precipitation and at least 60-65 degrees. Every outdoor event requires 10x10' of overhead coverage: This may be a pop up tent, a gazebo, or overhang at the venue. We may also set up inside the venue with a door open to play out. Please note that our instruments are very delicate and cannot be exposed to any elements; we reserve the right to discontinue performance if we feel that they are in danger. However, we understand that Colorado weather can be temperamental – we will always work with you on a backup plan as needed!

Can you play outdoors in the winter if you are covered?

Unfortunately, we cannot play outdoors from November through April and we reserve the right to discontinue performance in the case of inclement weather for May through October. Our instruments cannot handle low temperatures or precipitation. If you are holding a wedding ceremony outdoors from November-April, we can usually work with your DJ or band to amplify our sound outside. Please contact us with details about your particular situation.

Will you help me choose music for my event? 

We will work with you to make sure the music is perfect for your event. Our repertoire is extensive, but we are always open to requests, which typically costs $30-$70 per piece. If you are getting married, visit our music selection page for more information. We also provide an online Music Planner so that you can make music selections quickly and conveniently.

Will you play music that is not in your repertoire list?

Yes! However, new music typically costs extra to compensate for the time it takes to arrange the piece(s) for strings. Cost is $30-$70 depending on the difficulty of the arrangement. The new music also needs to be feasible for strings. Certain songs work better than others, so please note that new repertoire is added only at Nexus' discretion.

What will you wear?

We wear mostly black business attire unless the client requests otherwise. The men typically wear black, button-down, collared shirts, but have the option of ties and jackets if necessary. If your event has a specific dress code, please let us know well in advance.

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